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Meet Our Producers: Bill Van De Weert - Van De Weert Farmstand

Bill Van De Weert is the man behind Van De Weert Farmstand, just off Route 7 in Ferrisburgh. Bill, his wife Becky, and their four children grow most of their produce at Pleasant Acres Farm. His grandparents moved there in the 1960s when it was a dairy farm and it has been run by his family every since. Today it is no longer a dairy farm, but the family grows potatoes, pumpkins, hay, corn, other grains and have a farm-stand that sells produce to the community - all of which is grown within a five mile radius.

When Bill began growing potatoes three years ago, he planted 4,500 lbs of seed potatoes and quickly realized that his first harvest would be quite the feat! He started out digging up the potatoes with a fork and then decided it was time to invest in some serious equipment if he was going to continue this venture.

Harvest time is busy for Bill, since he is also a teacher at Vergennes High School. He has been teaching agriculture for ten years and loves it because he’s able to share both his practical and theoretical farming knowledge and bring his on-farm experience into the classroom.

We’ve been buying Bill’s red and yellow potatoes for a few years now, and they’re a staple in our Essentials Bag. He reached out to us after hearing about us through ACORN and our customers have been loving the local potatoes ever since!

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