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Meet Our Producers: Sherry Winnie - Sherry's Trail Bars

Sherry Winnie is truly the heart and soul of her Vermont Trail Bars, so much so that she makes them by hand with her trusty wooden spoon. Everything happens in her home-bakery at the base of Camel’s Hump in North Duxbury, where she lives with her husband and cat. The bars started out as a healthy snack for family and friends when they embarked on outdoor excursions, particularly hiking, but they loved them so much that she realized she wanted to expand. The business opened in 2015, but Sherry still finds time to work a full-time job as well as whip up hundreds of these scrumptious snacks a week! Her energy and passion is infectious.

Sherry’s Trail Bars are a local product that embody how special it is to live in Vermont. Her love for the environment shines through the ingredients and the packaging alike: Camel’s Hump is depicted on the design of the wrapper, inviting people to get outdoors to enjoy the bar, and her signature ingredient is local, organic Vermont honey. Sherry cares deeply about keeping our honeybees healthy and does her bit by buying from the Vermont Beekeepers Association and keeping a blooming and beautiful garden around her home. And, she even grinds her own peanuts to reduce waste!

Healthy recipes are Sherry’s number one priority, because she noticed how many falsely “healthy”-branded granola bars were on the market. She figured that people only need simple, pure ingredients, so the bars have no empty fillers, no refined sugars, no corn syrup, no chemicals, and no preservatives. And they’re all the more satisfying and nourishing because of it!

The bars have earned rather a glowing reputation for themselves, as her customers simply can’t get enough of them. Though they’re primarily distributed around Vermont, she has loyal orderers from Idaho, Seattle and Virginia! Every time she packs up an order, she likes to think of who will will be eating them, and she always keeps a few bars in her backpack in case of spontaneous adventures!

But Sherry is more than aware of the economic barriers that come between people and quality food. She found Middlebury Foods years ago when researching how to make local food more accessible and we’ve had a wonderful partnership ever since. We currently feature Sherry’s Trail Bars periodically as a Monthly Special by popular demand!

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