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Meet Our Producers: Harvey Smith - Smith Family Farm

Harvey Smith, owner of Smith Family Farm, has done it all. He’s been a dairy farmer, a horse trainer, a beef cattle farmer, and a Vermont State Representative for Addison County District 5 (Bridport, Weybridge, and New Haven) for nearly twenty years. And his credentials don’t stop there. On top of his current jobs of raising animals and being a state representative, he is also the President of the Addison County Farm Bureau, on the board for the Center for Sustainable Agriculture, and involved in countless other community and agricultural groups.

Growing up on a dairy farm in New Hampshire, Harvey gained a love for animals that has never left him, and in 1972 that love brought him to New Haven, Vermont. Harvey and his wife Donna have lived on the same plot of land ever since. Perched on a hill, their house has an incredible view of the Greens to the East, the Adirondacks to the West, and acres and acres of rolling land for his cows. 


When you drive up to Smith Family Farm, you’re immediately greeted by his pigs, and then his cows, and then finally his adorable, smiley dog. And let me tell you, these are some happy animals. Harvey never treats any of his livestock with antibiotics or artificial hormones, and the cows get to rotate around the farm’s 295 acres where they feast on a soley grass diet.

Beyond just taking good care of his livestock, Harvey also takes good care of his land. Actually, he originally ran for a state representative position because he saw that there was a huge need for changes in the environmental rules governing how agriculture and industry interact with wetlands and affect water quality. Smith Family Farm actually measures the nutrient runoff from their farm so that they can adjust their farming practices according to the results.

Middlebury Foods has had the pleasure of purchasing meat from Harvey and Smith Family Farm for over three years now. Harvey was actually the first local farmer Midd Foods worked with back in 2015! At first we only ordered Harvey’s classic ground beef, but we gradually expanded his offerings and now offer Smith Family Farm sausage, bacon, pork chops and other limited time specials!

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