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Our Model

We are a volunteer-run non-profit organization that is working to provide unhindered access to fresh, affordable food.

We deliver produce, meat, eggs, cheese, and other staples once a month to six sites across Addison County.


Inside Middlebury Foods from Middlebury College on Vimeo.


Save money. 

By cutting out the middleman and buying directly from wholesale distributors, we are able to save our customers anywhere from 20-50% over what they'd pay at the supermarket. No need to compromise with cheap, processed calories—this is more bang for less buck.

Save time.

Our pickups take place right after work/school and on weekends, and it takes each customer less than 5 minutes to get their groceries. No bargain-hunting, squinting at unit prices, weighing, or bagging.

Build community. 

We deliver to population hubs such as schools, legion posts, and hospitals, and our model has been developed side-by-side with a number of wonderful community partners. We believe in the importance of a localized food network, and proudly source over 15 local offerings from more than 10 different farmers and producers in Addison County (with blossoming relationships every month). Don't be surprised if you run into your friends at delivery and expect to meet like-minded people who believe in accessible, affordable, healthy food!


How it Works

1. Place an order online or by phone with Middlebury Foods.

2. You can either pay when you pick up your food with 3SquaresVTcash, check, or card (choose COD: Cash on Delivery when you check out) OR prepay online using Paypal or Stripe, our secure payment platform. 

3. Pick up your order at your desired site in Addison County at our monthly delivery. Locations and dates listed here.

4. Enjoy wholesome groceries with your family while saving time and money!