Question: Is Boycotted A Word?

What does sit in mean?

: a strike or protest in which people sit or stay in a place and refuse to leave until they are given what they demand.

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Is boycott a noun verb or adjective?

To boycott means to stop buying or using the goods or services of a certain company or country as a protest; the noun boycott is the protest itself. This noun comes from the name of Charles C.

What does boycott mean for kids?

definition: to refuse to buy, use, or go to, in order to make a protest or bring about a change. Customers are boycotting the supermarket to protest high meat prices.

What is another word for picketing?

What is another word for picketing?picketdemonstrationblockadeboycottpicket linesecondary picketingparadedemorallyprotest21 more rows

How do you spell boycott?

Correct spelling for the English word “boycotts” is [bˈɔ͡ɪkɒts], [bˈɔ‍ɪkɒts], [b_ˈɔɪ_k_ɒ_t_s] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

How do you use boycott in a sentence?

Boycott sentence examplesOur plan is to boycott the circus. … We will boycott the elections for the first presidential election. … The union supporters will boycott the supermarket. … During the Montgomery bus boycott, King was bombarded with death threats. … They will boycott the Senate poll.More items…

Why should you never cross a picket line?

The problem with crossing a picket line, whether you’re a coworker or simply a bystander in the strike, is that you undermine the work of everyone who is fighting for change. … If there is a democratic mandate for a strike, even those who voted against it should support the strike.

What do you call someone who crosses a picket line?

A strikebreaker (sometimes derogatorily called a scab, blackleg, or knobstick) is a person who works despite an ongoing strike. … “Strikebreakers” may also refer to workers (union members or not) who cross picket lines to work.

What is a synonym for boycott?

SYNONYMS. ban, bar, veto, embargo, moratorium, prohibition, proscription, interdict, injunction, sanction, restriction, barrier. avoidance, shunning, rejection, refusal.

Is boycotting a word?

boycott. (tr) to refuse to have dealings with (a person, organization, etc) or refuse to buy (a product) as a protest or means of coercion: to boycott foreign produce.

What boycott means?

verb (used with object) to combine in abstaining from, or preventing dealings with, as a means of intimidation or coercion: to boycott a store. to abstain from buying or using: to boycott foreign products.

What does picketing mean?

verb (used with object) to enclose within a picket fence or stockade, as for protection, imprisonment, etc.: to picket a lawn; to picket captives. to fasten or tether to a picket. to place pickets in front of or around (a factory, store, mine, embassy, etc.), as during a strike or demonstration.

What was the first boycott?

The Montgomery Bus Boycott was a civil rights protest during which African Americans refused to ride city buses in Montgomery, Alabama, to protest segregated seating. The boycott took place from December 5, 1955, to December 20, 1956, and is regarded as the first large-scale U.S. demonstration against segregation.

What is an illegal boycott?

Any company may, on its own, refuse to do business with another firm, but an agreement among competitors not to do business with targeted individuals or businesses may be an illegal boycott, especially if the group of competitors working together has market power.

What does protest mean for kids?

Kids Definition of protest (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : a complaint or objection against an idea, an act, or a way of doing things. 2 : an event in which people gather to show disapproval of something.

Why is it called a boycott?

The word boycott entered the English language during the Irish “Land War” and derives from Captain Charles Boycott, the land agent of an absentee landlord, Lord Erne, who lived in Lough Mask House, near Ballinrobe in County Mayo, Ireland, who was subject to social ostracism organized by the Irish Land League in 1880.

What part of speech is boycott?

boycottpart of speech:transitive verbinflections:boycotts, boycotting, boycotted9 more rows

Is sit ins a word?

A form of nonviolent protest, employed during the 1960s in the civil rights movement and later in the movement against the Vietnam War. In a sit-in, demonstrators occupy a place open to the public, such as a racially segregated (see segregation) lunch counter or bus station, and then refuse to leave.

What is an example of boycott?

The definition of a boycott is a decision to not use or buy products or services in order to show support for a cause. An example of a boycott is not buying paper products made with rainforest wood to protest deforestation.

Are boycotts successful?

“That’s a boycott that’s not going to have much of an impact on sales revenue.” Nevertheless, boycotts can still be effective, according to King’s research. He finds that while boycotts rarely hurt revenues, they can threaten a company’s reputation, especially by generating negative media coverage.