Question: Is The One Show Finished?

Who is the girl on the one show tonight?

GAME Of Thrones star Maisie Williams will be appearing on The One Show tonight..

Why is no one showing tonight?

The One Show airs every evening on BBC One and there is rarely a change to its scheduling. However, tonight, the magazine show has been taken off air to make way for the Burnley vs Wolverhampton Wanderers match.

Why did Matt leave the show?

Matt decided to leave The One Show after nine years to spend more time with his family. “I’m looking forward to having dinner with my family and being able to put my kids to bed,” he said in a statement.

Who are the presenters on the one show?

Alex JonesThe One Show/Presented by

Who was the singer on the one show tonight?

Amanda Stenberg. Amandla Stenberg, 19, is an actress and singer from LA.

Did Matt Baker quit the One Show?

Matt Baker’s co-host Alex Jones got teary during Tuesday evening’s send-off. Matt Baker has signed off as co-host of BBC One’s The One Show after nine years – but did so from home because he is still in quarantine. Baker is at the end of two weeks of quarantine after a family member showed coronavirus symptoms.

How long is the one show on for?

60 minutesThe One ShowRunning time30 or 60 minutesProduction company(s)BBC StudiosReleaseOriginal networkBBC One13 more rows

Has Alex left the one show?

Alex Jones is taking a two-week break from presenting The One Show so she can spend time with her mother. The presenter, 43, held back tears as she was surprised by her mother Mary over video call at the end of Friday’s show.

Who will replace Matt Baker one?

KYM Marsh will replace Matt Baker as a co-host on The One Show after quitting Coronation Street. The actress, 43, is going to present alongside Alex Jones on Friday.

What is Mat Baker doing now?

Baker will step down from his role tonight, Tuesday 31 March. But fans will still be able to catch him on other BBC shows as he confirmed that he was still going to front Countryfile and BBC Sport coverage.

Who was on one show today?

Who’s on The One Show tonight? Following Matt Baker’s emotional goodbye, Alex Jones will be joined by Amol Rajan on the green sofa once again tonight. Rather than replacing Baker with another host, the BBC has confirmed it will draw on The One Show’s “existing family of presenters.”

What is Alex wearing on the one show tonight?

Alex Jones has showed off her love for the UK high street again on The One Show – wearing a pretty floral midi dress from Oasis during Wednesday night’s programme.

Is the one show Cancelled?

The One Show airs every weeknight on BBC One but this evening the magazine show has been cancelled in a huge schedule shake-up.