Question: What Does The Narrator State Directly About The Franklin?

In what ways does the parson serve the members of his parish?

In what ways does the Parson serve the members of his parish.

A person’s behavior should be pure and set an example for those he leads.

A parson should not hire someone else to do work and leave his followers in trouble or without proper guidance..

What does a lad of fire mean?

Driven, motivated, fearlessWhen describing the Squire, what does the narrator mean by a “lad of fire”? Driven, motivated, fearless.

What does the host say the winner of the contest will receive?

Bailey also stands to profit from the contest: the winner of the contest wins a free meal at his tavern, to be paid for by the rest of the contestants, all of whom will presumably eat with the winner and thus buy more meals from Bailey.

What are the first 18 lines of the prologue called?

First 18 linesFirst 18 lines of the General PrologueThe hooly blisful martir for to sekeTo seek the holy blessed martyr,The holy blissful martyr, quickThat hem hath holpen, whan that they were seeke.Who has helped them when they were sick.To give his help to them when they were sick.17 more rows

How would you characterize the personality of the narrator based on what you have read in the General Prologue?

The narrator appears to be a good-natured person who isn’t judgmental to anyone. He is a great observer of other people’s personal traits and motivations, and apparently, he has great fun interacting with them. However, there is a satirical undertone to his observations and descriptions.

What does Pilgrim mean?

a person who journeys, especially a long distance, to some sacred place as an act of religious devotion: pilgrims to the Holy Land. a traveler or wanderer, especially in a foreign place.

What religious duties does the Friar perform most?

What religious duties does the Friar perform most? Hear confession.

What does the narrator set out to accomplish in the prologue?

What does the narrator set out to accomplish in “The Prologue”? The narrator sets out to give a description of everyone on the journeys physical looks (clothes etc.) … The narrator pokes fun at him by calling him a fish out of water because he chooses not to do things how regular monks do things.

Is Chaucer the narrator?

She has over 30 years of teaching experience. ‘The Canterbury Tales’ is a collection of twenty-four stories, about 17,000 lines, written in Middle English by Geoffrey Chaucer between 1387 and 1400. Chaucer casts himself as the narrator, including himself as one of the story-telling characters.

Which two pilgrims does the narrator characterize as obsessed with money?

3. Which two pilgrims does the narrator characterize as obsessed with money? The doctor and the pardoner 4.

Who is the best character in the Canterbury Tales?

Characters in The Canterbury TalesCharacter #1. The Knight. Chaucer has presented the Knight as an ideal character. … Character #2. The Wife of Bath. … Character #3. The Miller. … Character #4. The Parson. … Character #5. The Plowman. … Character #6. The Merchant. … Character #7. The Clerk. … Character #8. The Sergeant of Law.More items…

Does Chaucer suggest that the squire will follow in his father’s footsteps?

The Squire of Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales is a young man of many talents. He’s following in his father’s footsteps and serving as an apprentice to become a knight. That’s a huge responsibility. It may not be the path he actually wants to follow.

How does Chaucer describe the Franklin?

The Franklin is a wealthy member of the middle class, and he wears a white silk purse on a belt next to his dagger. In the Ellesmere manuscript, an illustrated medieval manuscript of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, the Franklin is depicted wearing a vibrant red coat and a hat, and his silk purse looks fairly ornate.

Who shows up at the same inn as the narrator?

The narrator of The Canterbury Tales, also known as Chaucer the Pilgrim, meets all of his fellow travelers at the Tabard Inn, as this is the starting point of their pilgrimage to Canterbury. Among the most famous characters in this vast cast are the Knight and the Wife of Bath.

What were the greatest sources of pleasure for the Franklin?

The Franklin’s penchant for entertaining may come from his belief in the philosophy of Epicurus, who taught that the way to perfect happiness was through pleasure. The Franklin takes pleasure in eating and drinking, and in providing pleasure to others through generous entertaining.

What does the narrator state directly about the Franklin in lines 341 356?

What does the narrator state directly about the Franklin in lines 341-356? The Franklin has a white beard and rosy complexion. He lives for pleasure, especially for fine food and drink.

How does the Friar earn his living?

Poverty & Riches The Friar is one of many religious figures that Chaucer put on the journey to Canterbury. … A friar back in these days promised to lead a life of poverty and humility. However, this Friar uses his position to steal by pretending to beg for the poor, but instead, pockets the money.

Why is the knight first in the General Prologue to tell a tale?

Why is the Knight first in the General Prologue and first to tell a tale? The Knight is first to be described in the General Prologue because he is the highest on the social scale, being closest to belonging to the highest estate, the aristocracy.