Question: Who Is JD Fenix Mother?

Why did JD leave the cog?

JD is very loyal and protective towards his friends and family, leaving the COG with Del simply because he trusted Del’s judgement about the COG and wanting to cover Del’s back, as well as comforting Kait during their mission to find her kidnapped mother while also easing her misperceived guilt over getting Marcus ….

Who plays JD Fenix?

Liam McIntyreCast (in credits order)Liam McIntyre…JD Fenix (voice)Laura Bailey…Kait Diaz (voice)Eugene Byrd…Delmont ‘Del’ Walker (voice)John DiMaggio…Marcus Fenix (voice)Jimmy Smits…Oscar Diaz (voice)29 more rows

Is Kait Diaz a locust?

You’ll play as Kait Diaz The story will focus on Kait Diaz, an Outsider of Locust descent, who embarks on a journey to uncover her origins. Gears of War 4’s JD Fenix, Delmont Walker and Marcus Fenix will return.

Is JD and Kait relationship?

It’s strongly hinted throughout the campaign that they are in a relationship. … It’s also said somewhere that’s the only reason J.D. and Del were allowed to stay in the Outsider village, because of Kait having a close relationship with J.D. As for 5, based on the trailer it seems like they had some sort of falling out.

Is Kait a locust?

Kait was the daughter of former war-hero, Sgt. Gabriel Diaz of the Coalition of Ordered Governments Army and Engineering Corps, and Reyna Torres, whom unknown to most was the daughter of Myrrah, Queen of the Locust Horde.

Will JD be in Gears 6?

JD got hurt in Act 1. There isn’t going to be a gears 6. This franchise is dead. … Plus twice in the game Del was saved from near death so idk.

Who is Fenix mother?

Marcus FenixAffiliationCoalition of Ordered GovernmentsFamilyMajor Adam Fenix (father) Dr. Elain Fenix (mother)SpouseAnya StroudChildrenJ.D. Fenix (son)9 more rows

Did JD Fenix die?

It takes Kait to console him and get them out of the building before it collapses. If instead you decide that Del is the one worth saving, JD dies with his neck broken and you find yourself in the rubble of a fallen building.

What happened to Marcus Fenix wife?

Taking part in the program herself, she conceived her son, James Dominic Fenix, as she was previously unable due to being barren, but later died in 27 A.E. from birthing complications of her second, unborn child.

What killed Anya Stroud?

Anya died when James was 6 and players can visit her grave in the fourth game. How she died isn’t revealed but a conversation between Dom and Jinn in Gears 5 heavily implies Anya’s death was due to complications from trying to have a second child.

What did the locust do to Maria?

The Locust placed Maria into a machine that cut into the tear duct of her left eye and scraped away at her brain matter which induced her into a permanent, persistent vegetative state – making Maria a mindless slave to the Locust Horde.

How old is Marcus Gears 3?

37Marcus is Gears of War’s main character. He is voiced by John DiMaggio. Marcus is an elite veteran soldier and the leader of Delta Squad. He has been fighting against the Locust Horde for 15 years….Marcus FenixMarcus FenixGender:MaleDate of Birth:21 years before E-Day age 37 in gears 3Height:6.1ft7 more rows•Jan 11, 2013

How old is Dominic Santiago?

Dominic SantiagoDomic SantiagoGenderMaleDate of Birth19 years before E-Day 35yrs old in gears 3Hair ColorBlackEye ColorBrown7 more rows•Sep 27, 2011

How did Marcus Fenix get his scar?

1) A locust went rambo on Marcus and slashed his sharp finger through his face. 2) Dom got blinded and accidently tried to use the chainsaw on Marcus…lets just say the razors hit him.

Why did they kill Anya?

Anya admitted to Andrew Wells that she secretly admired how determined humans could be in times of crisis, and in the final battle against the First Evil, she died when she was nearly sliced from behind by a Harbingers of Death’s sword. Her death was avenged by Andrew who killed the Bringer with his own sword.

How old is Marcus Fenix?

14yGears of War/Age

Who really dies in Gears 5?

J.D. takes Del’s death hard, and is comforted by Marcus immediately after the scene where you decide who to save. At the end of the game, it’s J.D. that’s grieving, and Marcus again that comforts him. The main difference between Gears 5 endings is whoever is left alive to grieve, basically.

Did Niles create the locust?

The Locust Horde were created and placed in the Hollow during the Pendulum Wars. Their creation was from a research project led by Doctor Niles Samson, using genetic experimentation on children of Imulsion-poisoned miners at the New Hope Research Facility, in order to find a cure for Rustlung.

Who is Kait Diaz father?

Gabriel DiazEarly Life. Kait Diaz was born on 20 A.E. on Tyrus, and is the daughter of former Gear soldier Gabriel Diaz, and stranded Reyna Torres, and is the niece of Oscar Diaz.

Is JD death canon?

Essentially, narrative-wise, with that one character, they made two different games. … However, the official Gears 5 game guide talks about the entire story. In the end, it says that Del died and JD survived, not the other way around, leading us to believe that it is possible that JD surviving is the canon ending.