Quick Answer: Is Heidrun Male Or Female?

Is Ardis male or female?

History and Origin Ardis is a female first name of Irish and Scottish origin.

Its meaning is fervent..

What does name Heidrun mean?

In Norse Baby Names the meaning of the name Heidrun is: The goat who supplies mead for the gods.

Is Gurpreet a male or female?

Gurpreet (male)Feminine form:Gurpreet (F)Source(s):Various websitesNotes:Indian [Hindu and Sikh]. In Hindu the name is generally only male and means “the loved one of the guru/god”. In Sikh the name is both male and female and means “god’s love”.2 more rows

Is ina a male or female name?

Ina Origin and Meaning The name Ina is a girl’s name of Latin, Polish origin.

How do you pronounce Heidrun?

hei-drun HH-AYDRAHN Heidrun is pronounced Hy-droon with an emphasis on the first syllable.