What Is The Difference Between Bravo And Bravissimo?

What is another word for Bravo?

What is another word for bravo?cheerapplauseobeisancerecognitionrecommendationthanksexaltationappreciationravepuff155 more rows.

What is the opposite of Bravo?

Antonyms for bravo depression, dishonor, unhappiness, discouragement, insult, ignorance, dislike, reduction, decrease.

What are different ways to say well done?

21 ways to say “well done”I’m proud you’re on my team.Congratulations on a terrific job.You’re so helpful. Thank you.You continually improve. Well done.Thanks so much for your consistent effort.I really admire your perseverance.Your cheerful mood lifts the team’s spirit.You’re a champion.More items…•

What does Bravo six mean?

Military Radio LanguageBravo Six Military Radio Language Bravo 6 is B Company 6th platton! Bravo-six is the Captain’s callsign. ‘going dark’ means that the operator is initiating radio silence. An iconic line said by Captain John Price, from the game Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Do you say Bravo or Brava?

The Italian word “bravo” is used in English, French and many others. … In Italian “bravo” is an adjective and its gender must agree with the noun. So for a woman, you should say “brava”. In a concert, we say “brava” to a female performer, not “bravo”.

What does Bravissimo mean?

The definition of bravissimo is an Italian word used to express highest praise. An example of bravissimo is what one might say to a singer who has just completed a fantastic performance in an opera.

What is the plural of Bravo?

bravo (plural bravos or bravoes)

What does Brava mean?

well done; very good; excellentbra·va. well done; very good; excellent: used to praise a female performer. Origin of brava. It, feminine of bravo: see bravo. noun.

Is Bravo a French word?

It comes from Italian (through French probably, but I’m not sure). The original meaning was “brave, bold”, as you could see in Spanish, but now it is usually taken to mean “well done!” or “good job”. … Also note that the Italian word bravo comes from Latin ->Spanish ->Italian according to Treccani 6.

What is another word for thank you?

What is another word for thank you?thankscheersmuch appreciatedmuch obligedthanks a bunchthanks a lotthanks very muchthank you very muchthanks a millionthank you kindly9 more rows

What is a Bravo male?

The use of racial codes, apparently including describing black people as “bravo” and coloured people as “charlie”, in social media alerts, is growing, Media Monitoring Africa director William Bird told the newspaper. … Screenshots of posts included on the website include those that refer to “bm,”, meaning black males.

Why do we say bravo?

The definition of bravo is something you say or shout when applauding or otherwise commending someone for a job well-done. An example of a time when you would say bravo is after a splendid performance. “Bravo.” YourDictionary.